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I am not a Financial Advisor or CPA..  My goal is to help you understand IUL's and how they can be an amazing product to help you reach your future dreams and goals.  


THE RETIREMENT GAMBLE...Rescue your Retirement

This VIDEO takes a look at an IUL compared to other options and why the IRS and Congress approved using IUL Life Insurance for...

Keep Informed: NEWS

August 26, 2015 - Stock Markets Future


Yesterday's stock market low in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index was 1867.01 and professionals, such as Ari Wald, believe there's a good chance we'll see it again.  Peter Tchir, of Brean Capitol macro strategist said "Do criminals and flash crashes always return to the scene of the crime?  If the stock market drops to 1,832.92 today it would initiate an automatic pause, according to NYSE spokeswoman Sara Rich  Stock Market Woes


Now might be a good time to review why an Indexed Universal Life plan, IUL, is a good option during times of woe, such as this.


August 25, 2015 Stock Market Update:


Dow Closes down 200 today


Analysts may not calm down anytime soon


Live Stock Quotes from CNBC


China's problems are shaking the markets...5 reasons why


Raoul Pal of the Global Macro Investor called the collapse before it happened



August 25, 2015...Stock Market still Down: 


Wild Stock Market Ride Contines...Dow jumps 350 points


August 24, 2015…Stock Market Drops:


Stock Market Turmoil: Dow Jones Jumps and Dives below 586, in Day of Turbulence


What should I do if the Market Crashes

With an IUL in place I help my Clients to:


  • Avoid Market Risk

  • Combat Inflation

  • Grow Cash Tax Free

  • Receive their Money Tax Free

  • Provide Financial Security upon an untimely death

  • Have some Long Term Care in place

What is a good way to grow my money

5/18/15: 401k Cash Management Issues: Supreme Court rules for plaintiffs in Tibble vs. Edison

 4/27/15: 401k Excessive Fees Claimed...Ameriprise Settle: participants win $27.5M settlement

3/11/15: Dow Tumbles 300 Points   A confluence of worries -- including a rising dollar and weakness in oil -- slammed stocks on Tuesday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down more than 300 points...Read More
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