I am not a Financial Advisor or CPA..  My goal is to help you understand IUL's and how they can be an amazing product to help you reach your future dreams and goals.  

Life Insurance with Cash Accumulation to build wealth
Living Benefit Life Insurance with an IUL
Avoid Market Risk



Rates are at an all time Low;

Due to people living longer








  • Low cost for Healthy Non-Smoking People

  • Available for 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 yr terms

  • Many Ratings available for individuals with medical issues

  • There are non paramed plans available: blood and urine are not drawn, however those plans have higher premiums

  • Most are convertable when term runs out; in case you have acquired an illness and need to keep the plan in place; however rate will increase to current age rates, when conversion takes place



  • For those afraid of needles...Some plans require a Paramed - Blood and Urine drawn - for an acceptance offer

  • You will be rated up for being a smoker

  • Some people will be declined for LI due to illness such as AIDS

  • Some people will be rated up due to Sickness or Illness; such as Diabetes









  • Provides Life Insurance Death Benefit

  • Build Cash Value with No Market Risk; Income Protection at it's best

  • Higher rate of return than current CD's and Savings Vehicles

  • Follows the Market with out being in the Market - no risk savings

  • Life Time Benefits when set up correctly

  • When you borrow your money you still be receiving interest as if your money is still "in the plan" because in fact...it is

  • Ability to Take Control of your money

  • IRS & Government approved

    Long Term Care Included w/most plans
    Critical and Terminal Illness included too




  • This is for the Long Haul...think "down the road: when thinking about withdrawing your money

  • It's not a quick fix - look for borrowing your money during years 7-10; unless a lump sum is deposited up front...then think sooner

  • Fees are highest during the first 7-10 years then lower after that...but usually still lower than 401k fees over all

  • These plans are for healthy individuals




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Life Insurance

Protection from Life, For Life



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Rates are at an all time low, due to people living longer

Life Insurance Rates